• C. Breyton (IBS - Grenoble - FR) : Integrated structural study of the first step of phage infection.


• L. Catoire (IBPC- Paris - FR) : Functional Modulation of a GPCR Conformational Landscape in a Lipid Bilayer.


• E. Colas-Debled (IBS- Grenoble - FR) : Chaperonin stabilizes aggregation-prone proteins and interferes with fibrillation of amyloids.


• N. Danilenko (University of Hannover- DE) : Elucidation of the interaction of the histone acetyltransferase Rtt109 with its activating chaperones (Vps75/ Asf1) by NMR and SANS.


• F. Delhommel (Pasteur Institute- Paris - FR) : Structural and dynamical properties of the PDZ tandem of Whirlin reveal an original interaction.


• H. Déméné (CBS - Montpellier - FR) : Mechanics of activation of opioid μ receptor as seen by liquid-state NMR.


• D. Gauto (IBS - Grenoble - FR) : Functional enzyme dynamics from solid-state NMR.


• K. Koruza (Lund University - SE) : Neutron studies and strategies for production of deuterated human carbonic anhydrase IX.


• G. Lippens (INSA- Toulouse - FR) : (Bio)chemical production of deuterated amino acids for selective labeling of large proteins.


• K. Mikula (Helsinki University - FI) : Segmental isotopic labeling of single globular domain proteins without any refolding step.


• F. Mulder (Aarhus University - DK) : On the Microscopic Origin of the ‘Protein Dynamic Transition’: A Study combining Isotope Labelling, NMR Spectroscopy and Neutron Scattering.


• J. Schörghuber (Vienna University - AT) : New approaches toward selective labeling of aromatic residues in cellbased overexpression media.


• N. Sgourakis (University of California Santa Cruz - USA) : Mapping ligand-induced conformational changes in a 100 kDa T cell receptor complex.


• J.-P. Simorre (IBS - Grenoble - FR) : Lipopolysaccharide transport across the periplasm in Gram negative bacteria.


G. Srivastava (Weizmann Institute -  IL) : Detection of pair-wise intermolecular interactions in large protein complexes using NMR tr-NOE and asymmetric deuteration approach: HIV-1 gp120 in complex with a CCR5 peptide.


• F.X. Theillet (CNRS -Fr / - Leibnitz Institure -DE) : Paramagnetic tags for in-cell NMR and EPR.


• A. Urbanek (CBS - Montpellier - FR) : A novel approach to enable the structural and dynamics characterisation of homo repeat proteins.


• K. Weinhäupl (IBS - Grenoble - FR) : The mechanism of chaperone-mediated transport of membrane proteins into mitochondria revealed by solution-NMR, SAXS and native mass spectrometry.


• K. Wilde (ANSTO - Sydney - AU) : Isotope labelling strategies for high-yield 2H and 2H/15N/13C recombinant protein production for structural investigations using neutron scattering and NMR.


• S. Yanaka (Okazaki Institute - Nagoya - JP) : Stable isotope labelling for NMR observation of antibody glycoproteins in serum environments.

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