Frisbi & Instruct  (Monday March 6th 12:05-12:25):

D. Hart (ISBG -Grenoble - Fr.)


User access to high-level research platforms through EU Instruct and French FRISBI programs.


NMR-Bio (Tuesday March 7th 12:00-12:20):

R. Kerfah (NMR-Bio - Grenoble - Fr)


NMR-Bio Innovations: Tackling Challenging Biological Systems by NMR Spectroscopy.


GE Healthcare Life Sciences (Wednesday March 8th  14:00-15:00):

B. Thiollier & N. Piclin  (GE Healthcare Europe GmbH - Fr.)

Improvements in Protein purification: Automated Two-step purification with ÄKTA Pure™, using Tandem configuration


   GE presentation during poster session

   A preregistration is required : clic here



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