Poster Sessions will be held in the IBS seminar room. Posters with odd numbers will be presented on Tuesday  March 7th, those with even numbers on Wednesday 8th March. Format of poster board is A0 : width  0.84 m / height 1.19 m.



1. R. Awad (IBS - Grenoble - FR): Specific Isotopic Labelling of Methyl Group: a cost-effective deuterated rich-media for the expression of selectively methyl labeled proteins.


2. I. Ayala (IBS - Grenoble - FR): Presentation of IBS Isotopic Labelling Platform.


3. L. Baronti (Karolinska Institute - Stockholm - SE): MicroRNA function through structural dynamics.


4. M. Berbon (CBMN - Bordeaux - FR): Production of recombinant functional amyloids in Escherichia coli.


5. B. Bersch (IBS - Grenoble - FR): Use of native nanodiscs for the NMR study of a bacterial membrane protein, the cation diffusion facilitator CzcD from Cupriavidus metallidurans CH34.


6. C. Bougault (IBS - Grenoble - FR): Interaction between Bacterial Cell-Wall and Biosynthetic Enzymes using a Combination of Liquid- and Solid-State NMR Approches.


7. C. Breyton (IBS - Grenoble - FR): Integrated structural study of the first step of phage infection.


8. G. Bouvignies (ENS- Paris - FR): Characterization of the dynamic interactions between the C-terminal domain of the protein Artemis and Ligase IV.


9. D. Cala-De Paepe (CRMN - Villeurbanne - FR): Faster spinning probes without extreme proton dilution: when resolution meets sensitivity in biomolecular solid-state NMR.


10. M. Casiraghi (IBPC - Paris - FR): Functional Modulation of a G Protein-Coupled Receptor Conformational Landscape in a Lipid Bilayer.


11. L. Catoire (IBPC- Paris - FR): Functional Modulation of a GPCR Conformational Landscape in a Lipid Bilayer.


12. B. Chaves (Instituto de Química-Física - Madrid - SP): The N-terminal intrinsically disordered domain of eIF4G (Tif4631 in yeast) is a multi-tool for protein and nucleic acids recognition.


13. E. Colas-Debled (IBS- Grenoble - FR): Chaperonin stabilizes aggregation-prone proteins and interferes with fibrillation of amyloids.


14. I. Corbeski (Utrecht University - NL): Interaction of a histone chaperone involve in DNA repair with a core histone complex.


15. N. Danilenko (University of Hannover- DE): Elucidation of the interaction of the histone acetyltransferase Rtt109 with its activating chaperones (Vps75/ Asf1) by NMR and SANS.


16. R. Dasgupta (University of Leiden - NL): Laccase: A Model for Efficient Photo-catalysis of Water?


17. F. Delhommel (Pasteur Institute- Paris - FR): Structural and dynamical properties of the PDZ tandem of Whirlin reveal an original interaction.


18. H. Déméné (CBS - Montpellier - FR): Mechanics of activation of opioid μ receptor as seen by liquid-state NMR.


19. A. Favier (IBS - Grenoble - FR): National and European platform of NMR.


20. H. Fraga (IBS - Grenoble - FR): Studying the drug target ClpP by state of the art NMR.


21. S.L. Gande (University of Frankfurt - DE): Expression and purification of EPHA2 tyrosine kinase domain for crystallographic and NMR studies.


22. P. Gans (IBS - Grenoble - FR): NMR Studies of Large Proteins Using Specific Isotop Labelling of Methyl groups.


23. D. Gauto (IBS - Grenoble - FR): Functional enzyme dynamics from solid-state NMR.


24. L. Imbert (IBS - Grenoble - FR): Cell Free expression platform & NMR applications.


25. Z. Jasenakova (CEITEC- Brno - CZ): Comparison of conformation dynamics of homologous receiver domains of histidine kinase receptors CKI1 and ETR1 from Arabidopsis thaliana.


26. K. Koruza (Lund University - SE): Neutron studies and strategies for production of deuterated human carbonic anhydrase IX.


27. A. Kumar (Leibniz Institute- Jene - DE): Unraveling transient peptide/protein : heme interactions.


28. H. Kwon (University of Leicester - UK): Direct Visualisation of a Fe(IV)-OH Intermediate in a Heme Enzyme.


29. I. Lebars (IGBMC - Strasbourg - FR): Solution Structure of the 5’-terminal hairpin of the 7SK small nuclear RNA.


30. G. Lippens (INSA- Toulouse - FR): (Bio)chemical production of deuterated amino acids for selective labeling of large proteins.


31. A. Lopez Castilla (Pasteur Institute - Paris - FR): Effect of calcium on PulG structure and its implication for Type 2 Secretion System pseudopilus assembly.


32. P. Macek (IBS - Grenoble - FR): Structural and Functional Studies of a 1 MDa Chaperonin in  Action by NMR.


33. A. Mallagaray (University of Lübeck - GE): Towards a Complete Backbone Assignment of the 70 kDa Norovirus Capsid Protein for the study of Protein Dynamics during Virus-Host Recognition.


34. C. Mendoza-Martinez (University of Edinburgh - UK): Ordering the lid region of the oncoprotein MDM2: implications for drug design.


35. K. Mikula (Helsinki University - FI): Segmental isotopic labeling of single globular domain proteins without any refolding step.


36. F. Mulder (Aarhus University - DK): On the Microscopic Origin of the ‘Protein Dynamic Transition’: A Study combining Isotope Labelling, NMR Spectroscopy and Neutron Scattering.


37. B. Oadert (CBMN - Bordeaux - FR): Solution NMR structure and membrane modelling of the Small Hydrophobic Subunits Involved in the Dimerization of the F1Fo ATP Synthase of S. cerevisiae.


38. C. Opitz (University of Basel - CH): An economic approach to efficient isotope labeling in insect cells using homemade 15N-, 13C- and 2H-labeled yeast extracts.


39. J. Orts (ETH Zurich- CH): NMR Molecular Replacement, NMR2.


40. J. Pipercevic (University of Basel - CH): Characterization of pore-foming mechanism of colicin Ia.


41. E. Pucheta-Martinez (University College London - UK): Phosphorylation of activation loop induces structural changes in c-Src tyrosine kinase leading to a conformational switch to the ATP binding conformation in the presence of the ligand.


42. M.A. Sainz-Polo (CIC bioGUNE - Derio - SP): Study of redox-dependent conformational changes of Rv2466c: a thioredoxin-like enzyme involved in pro-drug activation.


43. P. Schanda (IBS - Grenoble - FR): Understanding how detergent keeps membrane proteins in a soluble but non-native state: the case of mitochondrial carriers in DPC.


44. R. Schneider (University of Lille - FR): Conformational dynamics in the bacterial beta-barrel transporter FhaC investigated by solid-state NMR.


45. J. Schörghuber (Vienna University - AT): New approaches toward selective labeling of aromatic residues in cellbased overexpression media.


46. T. Schubeis (CRMN - Villeurbanne - FR): Proton-detected solid-state NMR of membrane embedded proteins at 111 kHz MAS.


47. N. Sgourakis (University of California Santa Cruz - USA): Mapping ligand-induced conformational changes in a 100 kDa T cell receptor complex.


48. I. Sher (Bar Ilan University - IL): Binding of ShK to nanodisc-stabilized potassium channel studied by NMR.


49. J.-P. Simorre (IBS - Grenoble - FR): Lipopolysaccharide transport across the periplasm in Gram negative bacteria.


50. S. Skinner (University of Leeds - UK): Combining classical and paramagnetic (un)labelling strategies for the assignment of the kinase domain of FGFR3.


51. G. Srivastava (Weizmann Institute -  IL): Detection of pair-wise intermolecular interactions in large protein complexes using NMR tr-NOE and asymmetric deuteration approach: HIV-1 gp120 in complex with a CCR5 peptide.


52. A. Solt (University of Cambridge - UK): Investigating the dynamic process of GPCR activation: the role of G-protein in β1-adrenergic receptor agonism.


53. F.X. Theillet (CNRS -FR/Leibnitz Institure -DE): Paramagnetic tags for in-cell NMR and EPR.


54. P. Touarin (CNRS -Marseille - FR): A Galectin/protein complex regulating Gal1/glycan lattice interactions.


55. A. Urbanek (CBS - Montpellier - FR): A novel approach to enable the structural and dynamics characterisation of homo repeat proteins.


56. B. Vitorge (Pasteur Institute - FR): Structural Study of Comea, A Protein Involved in DNA Uptake by Streptococcus Pneumoniae.


57. J. Wagstaff (University of Cambridge - UK): NMR investigations of the membrane associated protein LITAF and its mutational implications in Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1C.


58. L. Wieteska (University of Leeds - UK): Molecular mechanisms of physiological regulations for the ER molecular chaperone BIP.


59. K. Weinhäupl (IBS - Grenoble - FR): The mechanism of chaperone-mediated transport of membrane proteins into mitochondria revealed by solution-NMR, SAXS and native mass spectrometry.


60. K. Wilde (ANSTO - Sydney - AU): Isotope labelling strategies for high-yield 2H and 2H/15N/13C recombinant protein production for structural investigations using neutron scattering and NMR.


61. N. Wolff (Pasteur Institute - FR): Inter-domain regulation of PTPN4, a neuronal anti-apoptotic phosphatase


62. S. Yanaka (Okazaki Institute - Nagoya - JP): Stable isotope labelling for NMR observation of antibody glycoproteins in serum environments.


63. R. Yogo (University of Nagoya - JP): Stable isotope-assisted biophysical characterisation of interaction between IgG-Fc and Fcg receptor glycoproteins.

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