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The training will be primarily based on practical sessions in which challenging biological systems are produced and labelled. Systems such as large multi-domain proteins, large monomeric proteins, oligomeric protein assemblies, and large RNAs will be used as well as RNA and proteins of interest brought by the participants. Practical sessions will be linked to theoretical classes, and discussion sessions will be organized to promote exchange between participants and instructors. All labelled samples produced by the trainees will be characterized on the IBS high-field NMR platform.


The practical sessions will cover the following isotopic labelling methods: 


• Adaptation and optimisation of protein over-expression in E. coli grown in perdeuterated media

 Methyl specific labelling of large proteins 

• Cell-free expression and specific labelling of soluble and membrane proteins

 Backbone specific labelling and unlabelling

 In vitro production of specifically labelled RNA 

 Cost effective strategies for in vivo production of uniformally labelled RNA 

 Segmental labelling of proteins & RNAs

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AILM2017 conference book is now available:
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